By registering as a tutor with NEOFOUR LLC (“the website,” “website,” “NEOFOUR”), you (“tutor”) agree that the following terms and conditions will govern all payments made to you by students through the NEOFOUR LLC system.

Conditions for guaranteeing receipt of payment for student lessons
NEOFOUR LLC is a marketplace for those seeking tutoring services to connect with those seeking to provide tutoring services. NEOFOUR LLC also provides a service to its users whereby payments will be distributed to tutors that originate from their students. NEOFOUR LLC offers tutors a layer of protection in the collection of their funds but, if any of the following conditions are not met and NEOFOUR LLC becomes unable to collect your payment from the parent, student, or other type of account-holder (collectively, “student”) to whom you gave a lesson, NEOFOUR LLC cannot guarantee that your payment will be successfully collected, processed and distributed to you:

  1. The information pertaining to the lesson is accurate. This includes the start and end time, duration, subject and student account name. Unless otherwise agreed to by the tutor and student, the start and end time will be considered to be the times of the actual tutoring lesson.
  2. Prior to each lesson being given, the student has on file with NEOFOUR LLC a valid form of payment. This includes a valid credit/debit card or PayPal account, or a positive balance of prepaid tutoring credit. It is the Tutor’s sole responsibility to check with Admin about student’s payment information. The requirement to verify payment information must be followed for continuing students as well as new students.
  3. The lesson is delivered through NEOFOUR LLC’s online tutoring platform If the lesson is delivered remotely through another medium, such as via the internet, email, telephone or Skype, or in the instance when the tutor does proofreading or other asynchronous, non-tutoring work with the student, the tutor must obtain written confirmation from the student to the tutor’s NEOFOUR LLC email address that acknowledges the nature of the work to be done and the expectations of the time and cost required to complete the work. Tutor agrees that this provision does not waive the provisions regarding Commission (paragraph 5 of the Independent Tutor Agreement).
  4. The tutor’s services are instructive and constitute learning, not cheating. More specifically, the tutor is not to complete assignments, write papers, take quizzes or otherwise do work/homework on the student’s behalf. Further, the Tutor agrees that the services that the tutor offers must not violate the academic honesty policy or other conduct policies of the student’s school, university, academic institution or workplace.
  5. Prior to a lesson being given, the tutor has received a NEOFOUR LLC subject approval for the specific subject area of the lesson.
  6. The tutor does not collect or request payment directly from the student by cash, check or otherwise, for the lesson in violation of the Commission clause of the Independent Tutor Agreement.
  7. Cancellation is explained to the student prior to the occurrence of the cancellation.
  8. The Tutor must be at least 14 years of age or the minimum age required for his or her state’s labor laws, whichever age is older.
  9. Timing and delivery of payments
    If all the Conditions for guaranteeing receipt of payment for student lessons are met, tutors can expect to receive their funds according to the following schedule. If there are questions about any of the conditions, payments may be delayed while NEOFOUR LLC attempts to resolve the questions.
    a) By default, a tutor is paid by check mailed to the mailing address on file. (The mailing address is entered into the system by the tutor during the signup process and can be amended at any time thereafter by the tutor.) Checks are mailed via USPS on the 1st and 15th of each month or the following business day in case of weekends and bank holidays. In order for a lesson payment to be included in a particular pay period, that lesson must be entered 5 days prior to the payment date.
    b) For a tutor who elects to sign up for Direct Deposit and enters accurate bank account and routing numbers, funds will be released to the tutor’s bank according to the same schedule as in part a). The time between when the funds are released by NEOFOUR LLC and made available to the tutor by the tutor’s bank will vary and is controlled by the tutor’s bank, not by NEOFOUR LLC. If a tutor’s direct deposit is returned to NEOFOUR LLC by the tutor’s bank, NEOFOUR LLC will request that the tutor correct the tutor’s bank information. The returned payment amount will be resent within five (5) days after the bank information is corrected. Tutor will be responsible for any fees associated with return or reissuing of checks as a result of Tutor providing inaccurate information.
  10. Social Security number requirement
    Will check with CPA. We will skip this since Tutor is independent and not an employee…Please advise.
    a) Prior to payments made in an amount of greater than $50, cumulatively, tutors must submit to NEOFOUR LLC a valid Social Security Number (“SSN”). Such payments will be withheld by NEOFOUR LLC until the SSN is received, and the payments will be released with the next scheduled payment. (Although the burden to report 1099 income and meet other state-level reporting requirement is technically on the student who is hiring and retaining you, NEOFOUR LLC offers students this filing service as a benefit of using the NEOFOUR LLC system. To complete these filings, NEOFOUR LLC needs to have a valid SSN.)
    b) Tutors may use an Employer Identification Number (“EIN”) issued by the Internal Revenue Service in place of a SSN for payment reporting purposes only. To use an EIN, a tutor must complete, sign and submit to NEOFOUR LLC an IRS Form W-9.
  11. Calculation of tutor payment amounts
    a) Tutors set their own hourly rate and may change it at any time. Changing the default hourly rate will affect students who email a tutor after the time the change is made. Tutor agrees that students who have been in contact with a tutor within three months prior to the time the rate change is made will be continue to be subject to the hourly rate that was listed on the class at the time they first contacted the tutor; in order to change the rate for one of these students, the tutor understands that the student must acknowledge the rate change via a rate change request email.
    b) All tutors agree to the following payment structure. NEOFOUR LLC will charge 10% of each of the student fee and remaining will be paid to tutor. The charge of 10% is subject to change at the sole discretion of NEOFOUR LLC and can be changed anytime with thirty (30) day notice to Tutor of the planned increase in charges. If tutor cancels the class before or at 50% of the class, only 25% will be made to Tutor. If tutor cancels the class after 50 % and before 100% of the class, second payment will not be made to tutor.
    % Finish of class Tutor Payment Payment Date
    40 % 50% 10 days from 50% of the course
    100% 100% 10 days from 100% of the course
    c) % of class: 100 % When class is completed and agreed by both student and tutor. An email should be sent to both by tutor and student after the completion of the course.
    d) NEOFOUR LLC will not make any payments for non-tutoring charges (ie., : Stationaries, laptops, cameras, laptop accessories etc)