Exasperated after a rushing in and out of kids classes, with brutal traffic thrown in?

Few friends as parents shared each other’s triggers and calibrated “what would be a tipping point?”Other people’s stories are as important as the stories we tell ourselves. As counterintuitive as it may sound, the rest of the story is not what happens but what was done to change this narrative. This allowed Us, The Founders to let the experience navigate the course of action into formation of Neo4education.

Who We Are

Guru is a Sanskrit term that connotes someone who is a “tutor, teacher, guide or master” of certain knowledge. In today’s digitally connected world, a guru can be anywhere and so is a student. Neo4Education noticed many working families find it very hard to help their kids in studies & hobbies. Families constantly lookout for in-home tutors/ tutoring centre to assist their kids but many a times end up stretching themselves.

In pursuit to solve this problem, we as a team hit upon an idea to build an online platform bridging Student’s and Guru’s needs. Neo4Education offers to guide students & their families to identify a Guru to help them learn any skill across cultures beyond boundaries through an online version of tutoring. The Platform mission is to be reliable and trusted. A service provider at a reasonable cost & convenience to student and their families.


Frustrated about your kids playing video games ? 
We make their screen time productive.
Tired of driving to and from afterschool classes ?
We bring classes to your living room.
Worried that your kids are not getting enough help with homework ?
We help them get their homework done everyday.
Want your kids to learn problem solving and skill training beyond school curriculum ?
Yes, this platform is capable of bringing that to you.
New to the U.S and new to S.T.A.A.R curriculum ?
We can help you with that.
Is your paycheck bleeding due to high cost afterschool classes ? 
Our platform brings classes with competitive price to your door. 
Remembering your childhood and wishing that your young child had a older sister or brother to mentor/teach them ?
Yes we have a platform for that.
Interested in online extra-curricular classes?
Yes our platform is the right choice. More info under extra-curricular classes.
Do you want to challenge yourself with something new to learn or sharpen your skills ?
Get more info under classes.
Are you a teacher? Do you want to conduct classes online?
Our platform offers more advantages than just Skype or Facetime.


Our Mission is to provide a platform for personalised online learning and enriched education resources using technology to identify strengths and navigate for communities around the world.